Q&A: Resilience boss Rahul Singhvi chimes in on US biomanufacturing initiative and deals post Series D

When the Biden administration announced last week, through an executive order, that it is investing $2 billion into domestic efforts to increase biotechnology and biomanufacturing efforts, a lot of ears perked up in the wider manufacturing world. Funding is going towards manufacturing infrastructure, training, R&D and security measures, among others, something that domestic manufacturers are bullish about.

Rahul Singhvi, the CEO of manufacturing company Resilience, was in the West Wing for a summit on biotech and biomanufacturing and how the funding will impact manufacturers and the wider industry.

This also comes at a time when Resilience itself, after netting a $625 million Series D in June, has been entering into partnerships with several major research groups and medical centers.

Endpoints News caught up with Singhvi about the impact of the funds as well as the developments at the company.

The transcript of the interview has been edited lightly…
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