Texas wants to wean trans youth off meds in a ‘safe and medically appropriate’ way. Doctors say that’s impossible

In a wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation, 19 U.S. states thus far have banned at least some gender-affirming health care for minors — care that is evidence-based and supported by the major medical and professional organizations. The state of Texas may soon add to that count, with legislators passing a bill last week that Governor Greg Abbott has promised to sign when it comes across his desk.

State bans on gender-affirming care tend to share similar directives and language, prohibiting clinicians from prescribing hormones or puberty blockers to those under 18. The proposed Texas ban also includes a requirement that garnered a mention in each piece of media coverage: Any young person who is already taking gender-affirming medication when the ban goes into effect “shall wean off the prescription drug over a period of time and in a manner that is safe and medically appropriate…
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